N174 Old Judge Gypsy Queen

1887-90 - 24 boxer cards


The 1887 N174 Old Judge boxing cards set is considered one of the earliest and most important boxing card sets in history. The set consists of 35 cards featuring some of the most prominent boxers of the time, including John L. Sullivan, Jim Corbett, and of course, Jack “Nonpareil” Dempsey.

The cards measure approximately 1 1/2 inches by 2 3/4 inches, and feature black-and-white photographs of the boxers on the front, along with their names, weights, and hometowns. The back of each card features an advertisement for Old Judge Cigarettes, the company that produced the set.

The images on the cards are stark and striking, with the boxers often posed in dramatic stances or in the midst of a fight. The cards also feature intricate details, such as the boxers’ gloves and trunks, which give a sense of the period in which they were produced.

Because the cards were produced more than a century ago, they are highly sought after by collectors and are considered rare and valuable. In fact, some individual cards from the set have sold for thousands of dollars at auction.

Overall, the 1887 N174 Old Judge boxing cards set is a fascinating artifact of boxing history and a testament to the enduring popularity of the sport.



John Sullivan
Peter Jackson
Jake Kilrain
Jack Dempsey
Jack McAuliffe
Charley Mitchell
Tug Wilson
George Godfrey
Bob Fitzsimmons
Pete McCoy
Willie Clark
Professor Miller
Mike Cleary
Patsy Cardiff
J.P. Clow
Paddy Duffy
W M Ellingsworth
Sonny Elms
George La Blanche
Neil Matterson
Dominic McCaffrey
Paddy Ryan
Jem Smith
Steve Taylor