N167 Old Judge

1886 - 4 cards


The N167 Old Judge boxing cards set is a rare and highly sought-after series of trading cards featuring some of the most notable boxers of the late 19th century. Produced in 1890 by Old Judge Cigarettes, the same company that produced the N174 set, the N167 cards are larger and more elaborate than their predecessors.

Each card in the N167 set measures approximately 2 1/2 inches by 4 3/4 inches, making them significantly larger than most other trading cards of the era. The front of each card features a detailed black-and-white photograph of a boxer in a dynamic pose, often in the midst of a fight or training session. The photographs are accompanied by the boxer’s name, weight, and hometown, as well as a decorative border that varies in color and design.

The back of each card features an advertisement for Old Judge Cigarettes, as well as a brief biography of the boxer, along with his record and notable fights. The biographical information is written in a flowery, almost poetic style that reflects the romanticized view of boxing that was prevalent at the time.

Because the N167 set was produced in limited quantities and is over 130 years old, surviving examples are extremely rare and highly prized by collectors. In fact, complete sets are almost unheard of, and individual cards can sell for thousands of dollars at auction.

Overall, the N167 Old Judge boxing cards set is a testament to the enduring popularity of boxing and the artistry of the photographers who captured these iconic images.