N29 Allen & Ginter Champions

1888 - 8 boxer cards


The N29 Allen & Ginter Champions boxing card set is a fascinating and highly collectible series that emerged from the late 19th century. Produced by the prestigious tobacco company Allen & Ginter in 1888, this set holds immense historical value and remains a prized possession for boxing enthusiasts and card collectors worldwide.

The N29 set featured a total of 50 cards, each showcasing a prominent athlete from various sports, including boxing. The boxing cards in this set immortalized legendary figures such as Patsey Duffy, George La Blanche, Jack mcGee, and Frank murphy, among others. These cards captured the essence of each fighter, providing a glimpse into the intense world of bare-knuckle and gloved boxing of the time.

What makes the N29 Allen & Ginter Champions boxing card set truly remarkable is the stunning artwork displayed on each card. The illustrations are intricately detailed, featuring vibrant colors and dynamic poses that bring the fighters to life. The reverse side of the cards provides insightful information about the boxers, including their accomplishments, records, and notable fights.

Due to their rarity and historical significance, the N29 Allen & Ginter Champions boxing cards have become highly sought-after collectibles. Owning a complete set or even a single card from this series is a testament to one’s appreciation for both the artistry of the cards and the historical impact of these legendary boxers.

The N29 Allen & Ginter Champions set serves as a captivating window into the early days of boxing, offering a tangible connection to the sport’s rich heritage. It is a testament to the enduring legacy of the athletes who paved the way for modern-day boxing, and a prized possession for collectors who cherish the blend of sports history and exquisite artistry found within this remarkable card set.



Patsey Duffy 12
Billy Edwards 15
Jack Havlin23
Patsey Kerrigan 26
George La Blanche 27
Jack McGee30
Frank Murphy 33
Johnny Murphy 34